Is Mychal Bell of Jena 6 A Victim of Social Injustice?

Mychal Bell of Jena 6 attempted to take his life a few weeks ago after being arrested for shoplifting.  Fortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful and Bell is alive to tell his story.  It is not surprising to me that this young man would suffer from depression.  Early childhood issues resulting in him going through the foster system and the trauma associated with the events that occurred in Jena make him vulnerable to suffering from depression and other psychological/emotional impairment.  It is critical for all of us to get involved in correcting social injustices such as poverty, family problems, racism and other isms, education,  and crime.  Furthermore, we must ensure that those in our community, both young and old are not forced to suffer in silence because of these social injustice.  It is possible that Mychal Bell may have been suffering from depression a long time.  This is a great time for all of us to get involved in the process of changing our communities so that our children and youth are nurtured and prepared for building a greater tomorrow.  The struggle continues so we cannot forget the Mychal Bells of our communities.

Dr. Gloria

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