About Dr. Gloria

Dr. Gloria Morrow is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Upland, Ca.  She is the author of The Things that Make Men Cry, Suffer in Silence No More, and Keeping it Real! 7 Steps Toward a Healthier You.  If you have comments or questions, Dr. Gloria would love to hear from you.

3 Responses to “About Dr. Gloria”

  1. Bongo Wisely Tafari Says:

    Hello Doc, blessed love, I give thanks for your analysis of the psycological impact of having Pres.Obama in the white house. well said.
    Doc, I would like to discuss some of my personal problems which were imposed upon me from my youthfull days, and are presently affecting my future with you, but we will do this via the email. give thanks again for your strength.

  2. toyin fahm Says:

    Hi DR Morrow, i was listenning to yuor comment on CNN with Don Lemon on sunday and you make some points that really make sense to me.
    This is just out of curiousity, but i noticed the attire you putting on that sunday looks very familiar, native attire from Nigeria just curiois cos that is first time seeing anybody wearing that on American TV.

  3. askdrgloria Says:

    Yes, my attire is from Nigeria. Thank you for your comments.

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